Joe Musgrove Finds Success by Visualizing Failure

DENVER – Joe Musgrove was in the pool, following the instructions of his teachers, but he and his fellow neophytes were struggling. His stomach convulsed, and his lungs pleaded with his brain to surface for air. Musgrove, the emerging ace of the San Diego Padres, held out until the last desperate instant, almost to the … Read more

The Stranded Sons of Shakhtar Donetsk

SPLIT, Croatia – It was in their moment of triumph, when they had beaten their opponents and come together to collect their medals, when some of the boys were overcome with sadness, when the tears welled in their eyes. The teenagers, a mix of 13- and 14-year-olds representing one of the youth squads of the … Read more

Under Pressure From LIV Golf, the PGA Tour Defends Its Perch

CROMWELL, Conn. – For the last month, as the upstart, Saudi-backed LIV Golf circuit has poached some of the most widely known players from the established PGA Tour, there has been speculation that eventually the rival organizations might have to learn to coexist. But a passionate Jay Monahan, the PGA Tour’s commissioner, did not sound … Read more

As Koepka Leaves for LIV Golf, the PGA Tour Mulls Changes

Since March, Brooks Koepka has emphatically denied he would consider joining the breakaway, Saudi-backed LIV Golf series. “Money isn’t going to change my life,” Koepka said at the time with a disdainful sneer. As recently as two weeks ago, Koepka was still telling fellow players he was not interested in leaving the PGA Tour. On … Read more